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package collapsing

import ""

Package collapsing provides a group that supports expanding/collapsing, and a controller to allow programmatic expansion/collapse.

When collapsed (default state), only a button to expand is visible. When expanded, all module outputs are shown, and buttons to collapse.


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func DefaultButtons Uses

func DefaultButtons(c Controller) (start, end bar.Output)

DefaultButtons returns the default button outputs: - When expanded, a '>' and '<' on either side. - When collapsed, a single '+'.

type ButtonFunc Uses

type ButtonFunc func(Controller) (start, end bar.Output)

ButtonFunc produces outputs for buttons in a collapsing group.

type Controller Uses

type Controller interface {
    // Expanded returns true if the group is expanded (showing output).
    Expanded() bool
    // Collapse collapses the group and hides all modules.
    // Expand expands the group and shows all modules.
    // Toggle toggles the visibility of all modules.
    // ButtonFunc controls the output for the button(s).

Controller provides an interface to control a collapsing group.

func Group Uses

func Group(m (bar.Module, Controller)

Group returns a new collapsing group, and a linked controller.

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