batteryPackage battery provides a battery status i3bar module.
bluetoothPackage bluetooth provides modules for watching the status of Bluetooth adapters and devices.
clockPackage clock displays a clock.
counterPackage counter demonstrates an extremely simple i3bar module that shows a counter which can be chnaged by clicking on it.
cpuloadPackage cpuload implements an i3bar module that shows load averages.
cputempPackage cputemp implements an i3bar module that shows the CPU temperature.
diskioPackage diskio implements an i3bar module to show disk IO rates.
diskspacePackage diskspace provides an i3bar module for disk space usage.
funcsPackage funcs provides the ability to construct i3bar modules from simple Funcs.
githubPackage github provides a barista module to show github notifications.
gsuite/calendarPackage calendar provides a Google Calendar barista module.
gsuite/gmailPackage gmail provides a gmail barista module.
mediaPackage media provides an i3bar module for an MPRIS-compatible media player.
meminfoPackage meminfo provides an i3bar module that shows memory information.
meta/multicastPackage multicast provides a method to convert any bar.Module into one that can be added to the bar multiple times.
meta/reformatPackage reformat provides a module that "wraps" an existing module and transforms it's output.
meta/slotPackage slot provides multiple slots for a single module, allowing it to be moved between various positions on the bar.
meta/splitPackage split provides a module that splits the output from an existing module and sends it to two new modules.
netinfoPackage netinfo provides an i3bar module for network information.
netspeedPackage netspeed provides an i3bar module to display network utilisation.
shellPackage shell provides modules to display the output of shell commands.
staticPackage static provides a simple module that shows static content on the bar, with methods to set the content.
sysinfoPackage sysinfo implements i3bar modules that show system information.
systemdPackage systemd provides modules for watching the status of a systemd unit.
volumePackage volume provides an i3bar module that interfaces with alsa or pulse to display and control the system volume.
vpnPackage vpn provides an i3bar module for openvpn information.
weatherPackage weather provides an i3bar module that displays weather info.
weather/darkskyPackage darksky provides weather using the Dark Sky API, available at
weather/metarPackage metar provides weather using the METAR API from the NOAA Aviation Digital Data Service, available at
weather/openweathermapPackage openweathermap provides weather using the OpenWeatherMap API, available at
wlanPackage wlan provides an i3bar module for wireless information.

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