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package icons

import ""

Package icons provides an interface for using icon fonts in a bar. To use an icon font:

- Clone a supported repository
- Link the ttf into ~/.fonts
- Load the icon by passing it the path to the repo
- Use icons as pango constructs in your bar

Compatible icon fonts:

- Material Design Icons (+community fork)
- FontAwesome
- Typicons

Example usage:

return pango.Icon("material-today").Color(colors.Hex("#ddd")).


Package Files


func SymbolFromHex Uses

func SymbolFromHex(hex string) (string, error)

SymbolFromHex parses a hex string (e.g. "1F44D") and converts it to a string (e.g. "👍").

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider provides pango nodes for icons

func NewProvider Uses

func NewProvider(name string) *Provider

NewProvider creates a new icon provider with the given name, registers it with pango.Icon, and returns it so that an appropriate Load method can be used.

func (*Provider) AddStyle Uses

func (p *Provider) AddStyle(style func(*pango.Node))

AddStyle sets additional styles on all returned pango nodes.

func (*Provider) Font Uses

func (p *Provider) Font(font string)

Font sets the font set on the returned pango nodes.

func (*Provider) Hex Uses

func (p *Provider) Hex(name, value string) error

Hex adds a symbol to the provider where the value is given in hex-encoded form.

func (*Provider) Symbol Uses

func (p *Provider) Symbol(name, value string)

Symbol adds a symbol to the provider where the value is the symbol/string to use for the icon.


fontawesomePackage fontawesome provides support for FontAwesome Icons from
materialPackage material provides support for Google's Material Design Icons from
mdiPackage mdi provides support for "Material Design Icons" from, a fork and extension of Material.
typiconsPackage typicons provides support for Typicons from

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