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package buildinfo

import ""

Package buildinfo provides information about the current build.


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var GitInfo string

GitInfo is either the empty string (the default) or is set to the git hash of the most recent commit using the -X linker flag. For example, it's set like: $ go install --ldflags="-X "`./misc/gitversion`

func DjpegStatus Uses

func DjpegStatus() string

DjpegStatus returns a plaintext (non-HTML) string describing the state of djpeg on the system.

func RegisterDjpegStatusFunc Uses

func RegisterDjpegStatusFunc(fn func() string)

func TestingLinked Uses

func TestingLinked() bool

TestingLinked reports whether the "testing" package is linked into the binary.

func Version Uses

func Version() string

Version returns the git version of this binary. If the linker flags were not provided, the return value is "unknown".

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