Go: cmd


apiBinary api computes the exported API of a set of Go packages.
asmAsm, typically invoked as ``go tool asm'', assembles the source file into an object file named for the basename of the argument source file with a .o suffix.
asm/internal/archPackage arch defines architecture-specific information and support functions.
asm/internal/asmPackage asm implements the parser and instruction generator for the assembler.
asm/internal/flagsPackage flags implements top-level flags and the usage message for the assembler.
asm/internal/lexPackage lex implements lexical analysis for the assembler.
buildidBuildid displays or updates the build ID stored in a Go package or binary.
cgoCgo enables the creation of Go packages that call C code.
compileCompile, typically invoked as ``go tool compile,'' compiles a single Go package comprising the files named on the command line.
coverCover is a program for analyzing the coverage profiles generated by 'go test -coverprofile=cover.out'.
distDist helps bootstrap, build, and test the Go distribution.
docDoc (usually run as go doc) accepts zero, one or two arguments.
fixFix finds Go programs that use old APIs and rewrites them to use newer ones.
goGo is a tool for managing Go source code.
gofmtGofmt formats Go programs.
go/internal/basePackage base defines shared basic pieces of the go command, in particular logging and the Command structure.
go/internal/bugPackage bug implements the ``go bug'' command.
go/internal/cachePackage cache implements a build artifact cache.
go/internal/cfgPackage cfg holds configuration shared by multiple parts of the go command.
go/internal/cleanPackage clean implements the ``go clean'' command.
go/internal/cmdflagPackage cmdflag handles flag processing common to several go tools.
go/internal/docPackage doc implements the ``go doc'' command.
go/internal/envcmdPackage envcmd implements the ``go env'' command.
go/internal/fixPackage fix implements the ``go fix'' command.
go/internal/fmtcmdPackage fmtcmd implements the ``go fmt'' command.
go/internal/generatePackage generate implements the ``go generate'' command.
go/internal/getPackage get implements the ``go get'' command.
go/internal/listPackage list implements the ``go list'' command.
go/internal/loadPackage load loads packages.
go/internal/lockedfilePackage lockedfile creates and manipulates files whose contents should only change atomically.
go/internal/lockedfile/internal/filelockPackage filelock provides a platform-independent API for advisory file locking.
go/internal/modcmdPackage modcmd implements the ``go mod'' command.
go/internal/modfetch/codehostPackage codehost defines the interface implemented by a code hosting source, along with support code for use by implementations.
go/internal/modgetPackage modget implements the module-aware ``go get'' command.
go/internal/mvsPackage mvs implements Minimal Version Selection.
go/internal/parPackage par implements parallel execution helpers.
go/internal/renameioPackage renameio writes files atomically by renaming temporary files.
go/internal/robustioPackage robustio wraps I/O functions that are prone to failure on Windows, transparently retrying errors up to an arbitrary timeout.
go/internal/runPackage run implements the ``go run'' command.
go/internal/strPackage str provides string manipulation utilities.
go/internal/toolPackage tool implements the ``go tool'' command.
go/internal/txtarPackage txtar implements a trivial text-based file archive format.
go/internal/versionPackage version implements the ``go version'' command.
go/internal/vetPackage vet implements the ``go vet'' command.
go/internal/webPackage web defines minimal helper routines for accessing HTTP/HTTPS resources without requiring external dependencies on the net package.
internal/bioPackage bio implements common I/O abstractions used within the Go toolchain.
internal/browserPackage browser provides utilities for interacting with users' browsers.
internal/dwarfPackage dwarf generates DWARF debugging information.
internal/gcprogPackage gcprog implements an encoder for packed GC pointer bitmaps, known as GC programs.
internal/goobjPackage goobj implements reading of Go object files and archives.
internal/objabiOriginally, Go object files were Plan 9 object files, but no longer.
internal/obj/arm64Package arm64 implements an ARM64 assembler.
internal/objfilePackage objfile implements portable access to OS-specific executable files.
internal/obj/ppc64Package ppc64 implements a PPC64 assembler that assembles Go asm into the corresponding PPC64 instructions as defined by the Power ISA 3.0B.
internal/test2jsonPackage test2json implements conversion of test binary output to JSON.
linkLink, typically invoked as ``go tool link,'' reads the Go archive or object for a package main, along with its dependencies, and combines them into an executable binary.
link/internal/loadelfPackage loadelf implements an ELF file reader.
link/internal/loadmachoPackage loadmacho implements a Mach-O file reader.
link/internal/loadpePackage loadpe implements a PE/COFF file reader.
link/internal/loadxcoffPackage loadxcoff implements a XCOFF file reader.
nmNm lists the symbols defined or used by an object file, archive, or executable.
objdumpObjdump disassembles executable files.
packPack is a simple version of the traditional Unix ar tool.
pprofPprof interprets and displays profiles of Go programs.
test2jsonTest2json converts go test output to a machine-readable JSON stream.
traceTrace is a tool for viewing trace files.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/driverPackage driver provides an external entry point to the pprof driver.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/binutilsPackage binutils provides access to the GNU binutils.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/driverPackage driver implements the core pprof functionality.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/elfexecPackage elfexec provides utility routines to examine ELF binaries.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/graphPackage graph collects a set of samples into a directed graph.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/measurementPackage measurement export utility functions to manipulate/format performance profile sample values.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/pluginPackage plugin defines the plugin implementations that the main pprof driver requires.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/reportPackage report summarizes a performance profile into a human-readable report.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/symbolizerPackage symbolizer provides a routine to populate a profile with symbol, file and line number information.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/internal/symbolzPackage symbolz symbolizes a profile using the output from the symbolz service.
vendor/github.com/google/pprof/profilePackage profile provides a representation of profile.proto and methods to encode/decode profiles in this format.
vendor/github.com/ianlancetaylor/demanglePackage demangle defines functions that demangle GCC/LLVM C++ symbol names.
vendor/golang.org/x/arch/ppc64/ppc64asmPackage ppc64asm implements decoding of 64-bit PowerPC machine code.
vendor/golang.org/x/arch/x86/x86asmPackage x86asm implements decoding of x86 machine code.
vetVet examines Go source code and reports suspicious constructs, such as Printf calls whose arguments do not align with the format string.

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