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package integrations

import ""


Package Files

api_repo_file_helpers.go html_helper.go testlogger.go

func NewTestLogger Uses

func NewTestLogger() log.LoggerProvider

NewTestLogger creates a TestLogger as a log.LoggerProvider

func PrintCurrentTest Uses

func PrintCurrentTest(t testing.TB, skip func()

PrintCurrentTest prints the current test to os.Stdout

func Printf Uses

func Printf(format string, args ...interface{})

Printf takes a format and args and prints the string to os.Stdout

type HTMLDoc Uses

type HTMLDoc struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HTMLDoc struct

func NewHTMLParser Uses

func NewHTMLParser(t testing.TB, body *bytes.Buffer) *HTMLDoc

NewHTMLParser parse html file

func (*HTMLDoc) AssertElement Uses

func (doc *HTMLDoc) AssertElement(t testing.TB, selector string, checkExists bool)

AssertElement check if element by selector exists or does not exist depending on checkExists

func (*HTMLDoc) Find Uses

func (doc *HTMLDoc) Find(selector string) *goquery.Selection

Find gets the descendants of each element in the current set of matched elements, filtered by a selector. It returns a new Selection object containing these matched elements.

func (*HTMLDoc) GetCSRF Uses

func (doc *HTMLDoc) GetCSRF() string

GetCSRF for get CSRC token value from input

func (*HTMLDoc) GetInputValueByID Uses

func (doc *HTMLDoc) GetInputValueByID(id string) string

GetInputValueByID for get input value by id

func (*HTMLDoc) GetInputValueByName Uses

func (doc *HTMLDoc) GetInputValueByName(name string) string

GetInputValueByName for get input value by name

type TestLogger Uses

type TestLogger struct {

TestLogger is a logger which will write to the testing log

func (*TestLogger) Flush Uses

func (log *TestLogger) Flush()

Flush when log should be flushed

func (*TestLogger) GetName Uses

func (log *TestLogger) GetName() string

GetName returns the default name for this implementation

func (*TestLogger) Init Uses

func (log *TestLogger) Init(config string) error

Init inits connection writer with json config. json config only need key "level".

func (*TestLogger) ReleaseReopen Uses

func (log *TestLogger) ReleaseReopen() error

ReleaseReopen does nothing

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