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package migrations

import ""


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func Migrate Uses

func Migrate(x *xorm.Engine) error

Migrate database to current version

type Migration Uses

type Migration interface {
    Description() string
    Migrate(*xorm.Engine) error

Migration describes on migration from lower version to high version

func NewMigration Uses

func NewMigration(desc string, fn func(*xorm.Engine) error) Migration

NewMigration creates a new migration

type RepoWatchMode Uses

type RepoWatchMode int8

RepoWatchMode specifies what kind of watch the user has on a repository

type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    ID      int64 `xorm:"pk autoincr"`
    Version int64

Version describes the version table. Should have only one row with id==1

type Watch Uses

type Watch struct {
    ID   int64         `xorm:"pk autoincr"`
    Mode RepoWatchMode `xorm:"SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 1"`

Watch is connection request for receiving repository notification.

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