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package base

import ""


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const SVGMimeType = "image/svg+xml"

SVGMimeType MIME type of SVG images.

const TimeLimitCodeLength = 12 + 6 + 40

TimeLimitCodeLength default value for time limit code

func BasicAuthDecode Uses

func BasicAuthDecode(encoded string) (string, string, error)

BasicAuthDecode decode basic auth string

func BasicAuthEncode Uses

func BasicAuthEncode(username, password string) string

BasicAuthEncode encode basic auth string

func CreateTimeLimitCode Uses

func CreateTimeLimitCode(data string, minutes int, startInf interface{}) string

CreateTimeLimitCode create a time limit code code format: 12 length date time string + 6 minutes string + 40 sha1 encoded string

func DetectContentType Uses

func DetectContentType(data []byte) string

DetectContentType extends http.DetectContentType with more content types.

func EllipsisString Uses

func EllipsisString(str string, length int) string

EllipsisString returns a truncated short string, it appends '...' in the end of the length of string is too large.

func EncodeMD5 Uses

func EncodeMD5(str string) string

EncodeMD5 encodes string to md5 hex value.

func EncodeSha1 Uses

func EncodeSha1(str string) string

EncodeSha1 string to sha1 hex value.

func EncodeSha256 Uses

func EncodeSha256(str string) string

EncodeSha256 string to sha1 hex value.

func EntryIcon Uses

func EntryIcon(entry *git.TreeEntry) string

EntryIcon returns the octicon class for displaying files/directories

func FileSize Uses

func FileSize(s int64) string

FileSize calculates the file size and generate user-friendly string.

func FormatNumberSI Uses

func FormatNumberSI(data interface{}) string

FormatNumberSI format a number

func Int64sContains Uses

func Int64sContains(intsSlice []int64, a int64) bool

Int64sContains returns if a int64 in a slice of int64

func Int64sToMap Uses

func Int64sToMap(ints []int64) map[int64]bool

Int64sToMap converts a slice of int64 to a int64 map.

func Int64sToStrings Uses

func Int64sToStrings(ints []int64) []string

Int64sToStrings converts a slice of int64 to a slice of string.

func IsAudioFile Uses

func IsAudioFile(data []byte) bool

IsAudioFile detects if data is an video format

func IsImageFile Uses

func IsImageFile(data []byte) bool

IsImageFile detects if data is an image format

func IsLetter Uses

func IsLetter(ch rune) bool

IsLetter reports whether the rune is a letter (category L).

func IsPDFFile Uses

func IsPDFFile(data []byte) bool

IsPDFFile detects if data is a pdf format

func IsRepresentableAsText Uses

func IsRepresentableAsText(data []byte) bool

IsRepresentableAsText returns true if file content can be represented as plain text or is empty.

func IsSVGImageFile Uses

func IsSVGImageFile(data []byte) bool

IsSVGImageFile detects if data is an SVG image format

func IsTextFile Uses

func IsTextFile(data []byte) bool

IsTextFile returns true if file content format is plain text or empty.

func IsVideoFile Uses

func IsVideoFile(data []byte) bool

IsVideoFile detects if data is an video format

func NaturalSortLess Uses

func NaturalSortLess(s1, s2 string) bool

NaturalSortLess compares two strings so that they could be sorted in natural order

func PrettyNumber Uses

func PrettyNumber(v int64) string

PrettyNumber produces a string form of the given number in base 10 with commas after every three orders of magnitud

func SetupGiteaRoot Uses

func SetupGiteaRoot() string

SetupGiteaRoot Sets GITEA_ROOT if it is not already set and returns the value

func ShortSha Uses

func ShortSha(sha1 string) string

ShortSha is basically just truncating. It is DEPRECATED and will be removed in the future.

func StringsToInt64s Uses

func StringsToInt64s(strs []string) ([]int64, error)

StringsToInt64s converts a slice of string to a slice of int64.

func Subtract Uses

func Subtract(left interface{}, right interface{}) interface{}

Subtract deals with subtraction of all types of number.

func TruncateString Uses

func TruncateString(str string, limit int) string

TruncateString returns a truncated string with given limit, it returns input string if length is not reached limit.

func VerifyTimeLimitCode Uses

func VerifyTimeLimitCode(data string, minutes int, code string) bool

VerifyTimeLimitCode verify time limit code

type TplName Uses

type TplName string

TplName template relative path type

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