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package notification

import ""


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func NotifyCreateIssueComment Uses

func NotifyCreateIssueComment(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository,
    issue *models.Issue, comment *models.Comment)

NotifyCreateIssueComment notifies issue comment related message to notifiers

func NotifyCreateRepository Uses

func NotifyCreateRepository(doer *models.User, u *models.User, repo *models.Repository)

NotifyCreateRepository notifies create repository to notifiers

func NotifyDeleteComment Uses

func NotifyDeleteComment(doer *models.User, c *models.Comment)

NotifyDeleteComment notifies delete comment to notifiers

func NotifyDeleteRelease Uses

func NotifyDeleteRelease(doer *models.User, rel *models.Release)

NotifyDeleteRelease notifies delete release to notifiers

func NotifyDeleteRepository Uses

func NotifyDeleteRepository(doer *models.User, repo *models.Repository)

NotifyDeleteRepository notifies delete repository to notifiers

func NotifyForkRepository Uses

func NotifyForkRepository(doer *models.User, oldRepo, repo *models.Repository)

NotifyForkRepository notifies fork repository to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeAssignee Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeAssignee(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue, removed bool)

NotifyIssueChangeAssignee notifies change content to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeContent Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeContent(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue, oldContent string)

NotifyIssueChangeContent notifies change content to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeLabels Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeLabels(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue,
    addedLabels []*models.Label, removedLabels []*models.Label)

NotifyIssueChangeLabels notifies change labels to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeMilestone Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeMilestone(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue)

NotifyIssueChangeMilestone notifies change milestone to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeStatus Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeStatus(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue, closeOrReopen bool)

NotifyIssueChangeStatus notifies close or reopen issue to notifiers

func NotifyIssueChangeTitle Uses

func NotifyIssueChangeTitle(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue, oldTitle string)

NotifyIssueChangeTitle notifies change title to notifiers

func NotifyIssueClearLabels Uses

func NotifyIssueClearLabels(doer *models.User, issue *models.Issue)

NotifyIssueClearLabels notifies clear labels to notifiers

func NotifyMergePullRequest Uses

func NotifyMergePullRequest(pr *models.PullRequest, doer *models.User, baseGitRepo *git.Repository)

NotifyMergePullRequest notifies merge pull request to notifiers

func NotifyMigrateRepository Uses

func NotifyMigrateRepository(doer *models.User, u *models.User, repo *models.Repository)

NotifyMigrateRepository notifies create repository to notifiers

func NotifyNewIssue Uses

func NotifyNewIssue(issue *models.Issue)

NotifyNewIssue notifies new issue to notifiers

func NotifyNewPullRequest Uses

func NotifyNewPullRequest(pr *models.PullRequest)

NotifyNewPullRequest notifies new pull request to notifiers

func NotifyNewRelease Uses

func NotifyNewRelease(rel *models.Release)

NotifyNewRelease notifies new release to notifiers

func NotifyPullRequestReview Uses

func NotifyPullRequestReview(pr *models.PullRequest, review *models.Review, comment *models.Comment)

NotifyPullRequestReview notifies new pull request review

func NotifyUpdateComment Uses

func NotifyUpdateComment(doer *models.User, c *models.Comment, oldContent string)

NotifyUpdateComment notifies update comment to notifiers

func NotifyUpdateRelease Uses

func NotifyUpdateRelease(doer *models.User, rel *models.Release)

NotifyUpdateRelease notifies update release to notifiers

func RegisterNotifier Uses

func RegisterNotifier(notifier base.Notifier)

RegisterNotifier providers method to receive notify messages



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