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package admin

import ""


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admin.go auths.go hooks.go notice.go orgs.go repos.go users.go

func AddWorkers Uses

func AddWorkers(ctx *context.Context)

AddWorkers adds workers to a worker group

func Authentications Uses

func Authentications(ctx *context.Context)

Authentications show authentication config page

func Config Uses

func Config(ctx *context.Context)

Config show admin config page

func Dashboard Uses

func Dashboard(ctx *context.Context)

Dashboard show admin panel dashboard

func DefaultWebhooks Uses

func DefaultWebhooks(ctx *context.Context)

DefaultWebhooks render admin-default webhook list page

func DeleteAuthSource Uses

func DeleteAuthSource(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteAuthSource response for deleting an auth source

func DeleteDefaultWebhook Uses

func DeleteDefaultWebhook(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteDefaultWebhook response for delete admin-default webhook

func DeleteNotices Uses

func DeleteNotices(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteNotices delete the specific notices

func DeleteRepo Uses

func DeleteRepo(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteRepo delete one repository

func DeleteUser Uses

func DeleteUser(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteUser response for deleting a user

func EditAuthSource Uses

func EditAuthSource(ctx *context.Context)

EditAuthSource render editing auth source page

func EditAuthSourcePost Uses

func EditAuthSourcePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AuthenticationForm)

EditAuthSourcePost response for editing auth source

func EditUser Uses

func EditUser(ctx *context.Context)

EditUser show editting user page

func EditUserPost Uses

func EditUserPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AdminEditUserForm)

EditUserPost response for editting user

func EmptyNotices Uses

func EmptyNotices(ctx *context.Context)

EmptyNotices delete all the notices

func Monitor Uses

func Monitor(ctx *context.Context)

Monitor show admin monitor page

func MonitorCancel Uses

func MonitorCancel(ctx *context.Context)

MonitorCancel cancels a process

func NewAuthSource Uses

func NewAuthSource(ctx *context.Context)

NewAuthSource render adding a new auth source page

func NewAuthSourcePost Uses

func NewAuthSourcePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AuthenticationForm)

NewAuthSourcePost response for adding an auth source

func NewUser Uses

func NewUser(ctx *context.Context)

NewUser render adding a new user page

func NewUserPost Uses

func NewUserPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AdminCreateUserForm)

NewUserPost response for adding a new user

func Notices Uses

func Notices(ctx *context.Context)

Notices show notices for admin

func Organizations Uses

func Organizations(ctx *context.Context)

Organizations show all the organizations

func Queue Uses

func Queue(ctx *context.Context)

Queue shows details for a specific queue

func Repos Uses

func Repos(ctx *context.Context)

Repos show all the repositories

func SendTestMail Uses

func SendTestMail(ctx *context.Context)

SendTestMail send test mail to confirm mail service is OK

func SetQueueSettings Uses

func SetQueueSettings(ctx *context.Context)

SetQueueSettings sets the maximum number of workers and other settings for this queue

func Users Uses

func Users(ctx *context.Context)

Users show all the users

func WorkerCancel Uses

func WorkerCancel(ctx *context.Context)

WorkerCancel cancels a worker group

type Operation Uses

type Operation int

Operation Operation types.

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