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package admin

import ""


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org.go repo.go user.go

func CreateOrg Uses

func CreateOrg(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateOrgOption)

CreateOrg api for create organization

func CreatePublicKey Uses

func CreatePublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateKeyOption)

CreatePublicKey api for creating a public key to a user

func CreateRepo Uses

func CreateRepo(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateRepoOption)

CreateRepo api for creating a repository

func CreateUser Uses

func CreateUser(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateUserOption)

CreateUser create a user

func DeleteUser Uses

func DeleteUser(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteUser api for deleting a user

func DeleteUserPublicKey Uses

func DeleteUserPublicKey(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteUserPublicKey api for deleting a user's public key

func EditUser Uses

func EditUser(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditUserOption)

EditUser api for modifying a user's information

func GetAllOrgs Uses

func GetAllOrgs(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetAllOrgs API for getting information of all the organizations

func GetAllUsers Uses

func GetAllUsers(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetAllUsers API for getting information of all the users

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