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package org

import ""


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hook.go label.go member.go org.go team.go

func AddTeamMember Uses

func AddTeamMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

AddTeamMember api for add a member to a team

func AddTeamRepository Uses

func AddTeamRepository(ctx *context.APIContext)

AddTeamRepository api for adding a repository to a team

func ConcealMember Uses

func ConcealMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

ConcealMember make a member's membership not public

func Create Uses

func Create(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateOrgOption)

Create api for create organization

func CreateHook Uses

func CreateHook(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateHookOption)

CreateHook create a hook for an organization

func CreateLabel Uses

func CreateLabel(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateLabelOption)

CreateLabel create a label for a repository

func CreateTeam Uses

func CreateTeam(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.CreateTeamOption)

CreateTeam api for create a team

func Delete Uses

func Delete(ctx *context.APIContext)

Delete an organization

func DeleteHook Uses

func DeleteHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteHook delete a hook of an organization

func DeleteLabel Uses

func DeleteLabel(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteLabel delete a label for an organization

func DeleteMember Uses

func DeleteMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteMember remove a member from an organization

func DeleteTeam Uses

func DeleteTeam(ctx *context.APIContext)

DeleteTeam api for delete a team

func Edit Uses

func Edit(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditOrgOption)

Edit change an organization's information

func EditHook Uses

func EditHook(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditHookOption)

EditHook modify a hook of a repository

func EditLabel Uses

func EditLabel(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditLabelOption)

EditLabel modify a label for an Organization

func EditTeam Uses

func EditTeam(ctx *context.APIContext, form api.EditTeamOption)

EditTeam api for edit a team

func Get Uses

func Get(ctx *context.APIContext)

Get get an organization

func GetAll Uses

func GetAll(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetAll return list of all public organizations

func GetHook Uses

func GetHook(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetHook get an organization's hook by id

func GetLabel Uses

func GetLabel(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetLabel get label by organization and label id

func GetTeam Uses

func GetTeam(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTeam api for get a team

func GetTeamMember Uses

func GetTeamMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTeamMember api for get a particular member of team

func GetTeamMembers Uses

func GetTeamMembers(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTeamMembers api for get a team's members

func GetTeamRepos Uses

func GetTeamRepos(ctx *context.APIContext)

GetTeamRepos api for get a team's repos

func IsMember Uses

func IsMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsMember check if a user is a member of an organization

func IsPublicMember Uses

func IsPublicMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

IsPublicMember check if a user is a public member of an organization

func ListHooks Uses

func ListHooks(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListHooks list an organziation's webhooks

func ListLabels Uses

func ListLabels(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListLabels list all the labels of an organization

func ListMembers Uses

func ListMembers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMembers list an organization's members

func ListMyOrgs Uses

func ListMyOrgs(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListMyOrgs list all my orgs

func ListPublicMembers Uses

func ListPublicMembers(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListPublicMembers list an organization's public members

func ListTeams Uses

func ListTeams(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListTeams list all the teams of an organization

func ListUserOrgs Uses

func ListUserOrgs(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListUserOrgs list user's orgs

func ListUserTeams Uses

func ListUserTeams(ctx *context.APIContext)

ListUserTeams list all the teams a user belongs to

func PublicizeMember Uses

func PublicizeMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

PublicizeMember make a member's membership public

func RemoveTeamMember Uses

func RemoveTeamMember(ctx *context.APIContext)

RemoveTeamMember api for remove one member from a team

func RemoveTeamRepository Uses

func RemoveTeamRepository(ctx *context.APIContext)

RemoveTeamRepository api for removing a repository from a team

func SearchTeam Uses

func SearchTeam(ctx *context.APIContext)

SearchTeam api for searching teams

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