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package org

import ""


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members.go org.go setting.go teams.go

func Create Uses

func Create(ctx *context.Context)

Create render the page for create organization

func CreatePost Uses

func CreatePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateOrgForm)

CreatePost response for create organization

func DeleteTeam Uses

func DeleteTeam(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteTeam response for the delete team request

func DeleteWebhook Uses

func DeleteWebhook(ctx *context.Context)

DeleteWebhook response for delete webhook

func EditTeam Uses

func EditTeam(ctx *context.Context)

EditTeam render team edit page

func EditTeamPost Uses

func EditTeamPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateTeamForm)

EditTeamPost response for modify team information

func Members Uses

func Members(ctx *context.Context)

Members render organization users page

func MembersAction Uses

func MembersAction(ctx *context.Context)

MembersAction response for operation to a member of organization

func NewTeam Uses

func NewTeam(ctx *context.Context)

NewTeam render create new team page

func NewTeamPost Uses

func NewTeamPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateTeamForm)

NewTeamPost response for create new team

func Settings Uses

func Settings(ctx *context.Context)

Settings render the main settings page

func SettingsAvatar Uses

func SettingsAvatar(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm)

SettingsAvatar response for change avatar on settings page

func SettingsDelete Uses

func SettingsDelete(ctx *context.Context)

SettingsDelete response for delete repository

func SettingsDeleteAvatar Uses

func SettingsDeleteAvatar(ctx *context.Context)

SettingsDeleteAvatar response for delete avatar on setings page

func SettingsPost Uses

func SettingsPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UpdateOrgSettingForm)

SettingsPost response for settings change submited

func TeamMembers Uses

func TeamMembers(ctx *context.Context)

TeamMembers render team members page

func TeamRepositories Uses

func TeamRepositories(ctx *context.Context)

TeamRepositories show the repositories of team

func Teams Uses

func Teams(ctx *context.Context)

Teams render teams list page

func TeamsAction Uses

func TeamsAction(ctx *context.Context)

TeamsAction response for join, leave, remove, add operations to team

func TeamsRepoAction Uses

func TeamsRepoAction(ctx *context.Context)

TeamsRepoAction operate team's repository

func Webhooks Uses

func Webhooks(ctx *context.Context)

Webhooks render webhook list page

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