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package internal

import "cuelang.org/go/internal"

Package internal exposes some cue internals to other packages.

A better name for this package would be technicaldebt.


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var BaseContext = apd.BaseContext.WithPrecision(24)

BaseContext is used as CUEs default context for arbitrary-precision decimals

var CheckAndForkRuntime func(runtime, value interface{}) interface{}

CheckAndForkRuntime checks that value is created using runtime, panicking if it does not, and returns a forked runtime that will discard additional keys.

var DebugStr func(x interface{}) string

DebugStr prints a syntax node.

var DropOptional bool

DropOptional is a blanket override of handling optional values during compilation. TODO: should we make this a build option?

var EvalExpr func(value, expr interface{}) (result interface{})

EvalExpr evaluates an expression within an existing struct value. Identifiers only resolve to values defined within the struct.

Expressions may refer to builtin packages if they can be uniquely identified

Both value and result are of type cue.Value, but are an interface to prevent cyclic dependencies.

TODO: extract interface

var FromGoType func(instance, x interface{}) interface{}

FromGoType converts an arbitrary Go type to the corresponding CUE value. instance must be of type *cue.Instance. The returned value is a cue.Value, which the caller must cast to.

var FromGoValue func(instance, x interface{}, allowDefault bool) interface{}

FromGoValue converts an arbitrary Go value to the corresponding CUE value. instance must be of type *cue.Instance. The returned value is a cue.Value, which the caller must cast to.

var GetRuntime func(instance interface{}) interface{}

GetRuntime reports the runtime for an Instance.

var UnifyBuiltin func(v interface{}, kind string) interface{}

UnifyBuiltin returns the given Value unified with the given builtin template.

func ListEllipsis Uses

func ListEllipsis(n *ast.ListLit) (elts []ast.Expr, e *ast.Ellipsis)

ListEllipsis reports the list type and remaining elements of a list. If we ever relax the usage of ellipsis, this function will likely change. Using this function will ensure keeping correct behavior or causing a compiler failure.

func PackageInfo Uses

func PackageInfo(f *ast.File) (p *ast.Package, name string, tok token.Pos)

type Decimal Uses

type Decimal = apd.Decimal

A Decimal is an arbitrary-precision binary-coded decimal number.

Right now Decimal is aliased to apd.Decimal. This may change in the future.


copyPackage copy provides utilities to copy files and directories.
sourcePackage source contains utility functions that standardize reading source bytes across cue packages.
strPackage str provides string manipulation utilities.
taskPackage task provides a registry for tasks to be used by commands.
third_party/yamlPackage yaml implements YAML support for the Go language.

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