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package cli

import "cuelang.org/go/pkg/tool/cli"

Package cli provides tasks dealing with a console.

These are the supported tasks:

// Print sends text to the stdout of the current process.
Print: {
	$id: *"tool/cli.Print" | "print" // for backwards compatibility

	// text is the text to be printed.
	text: string

// Ask prompts the current console with a message and waits for input.
// Example:
//     task: ask: cli.Ask({
//         prompt:   "Are you okay?"
//         repsonse: bool
//     })
Ask: {
	kind: "tool/cli.Ask"

	// prompt sends this message to the output.
	prompt: string

	// response holds the user's response. If it is a boolean expression it
	// will interpret the answer using textual yes/ no.
	response: string | bool


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