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package http

import "cuelang.org/go/pkg/tool/http"

Package http provides tasks related to the HTTP protocol.

These are the supported tasks:

Get:    Do & {method: "GET"}
Post:   Do & {method: "POST"}
Put:    Do & {method: "PUT"}
Delete: Do & {method: "DELETE"}

Do: {
	kind: *"tool/http.Do" | "http" // http for backwards compatibility

	method: string
	url:    string // TODO: make url.URL type

	request: {
		body: *bytes | string
		header <Name>:  string | [...string]
		trailer <Name>: string | [...string]
	response: {
		status:     string
		statusCode: int

		body: *bytes | string
		header <Name>:  string | [...string]
		trailer <Name>: string | [...string]

/* TODO: support serving once we have the cue serve command.
Serve: {
	port: int

	cert: string
	key:  string

	handle <Pattern>: Message & {
		pattern: Pattern


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