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package dudeldu

import "devt.de/krotik/dudeldu"

Package dudeldu is a simple audio streaming server using the SHOUTcast protocol.


Server is the main server object which runs a shoutcast server instance.

Using a WaitGroup a client can wait for the start and shutdown of the server. Incoming new connections are served with a ConnectionHandler method. The default implementation for this is the HandleRequest method of the DefaultRequestHandler object.


DefaultRequestHandler is the default request handler implementation for the DudelDu server. DefaultRequestHandler has a customizable ServeRequest function. ServeRequest is called once a request was successfully decoded.

The default implementation supports sending meta data while streaming audio. The metadata implementation is according to:



Playlists provide the data which is send to the client. A simple implementation will just read .mp3 files and send them in chunks (via the Frame() method) to the client.

A request handler uses a PlaylistFactory to produce a Playlist for each new connection.


Package Files

auth.go playlist.go requesthandler.go server.go


const FrameSize = 3000

FrameSize is the suggested size of a frame which should be send to the client at a time.

The absolute theoretical maximum frame size for a MPEG audio is 2881 bytes:

MPEG 2.5 Layer II, 8000 Hz @ 160 kbps, with a padding slot. Theoretical frame sizes for Layer III range from 24 to 1441 bytes there is a "soft" limit imposed by the standard of 960 bytes.

see: http://www.mars.org/pipermail/mad-dev/2002-January/000425.html

const MaxRequestSize = 1024

MaxRequestSize is the maximum size for a request

const ProductVersion = "1.3.1"

ProductVersion is the current version of DudelDu


var ErrPlaylistEnd = errors.New("End of playlist")

ErrPlaylistEnd is a special error code which signals that the end of the playlist has been reached

var MaxMetaDataSize = 4080

MaxMetaDataSize is the maximum size for meta data (everything over is truncated)

Must be a multiple of 16 which fits into one byte. Maximum: 16 * 255 = 4080

var MetaDataInterval uint64 = 65536

MetaDataInterval is the data interval in which meta data is send

type ConnectionHandler Uses

type ConnectionHandler func(net.Conn, net.Error)

ConnectionHandler is a function to handle new connections

type DebugLogger Uses

type DebugLogger interface {

    	IsDebugOutputEnabled returns true if debug output is enabled.
    IsDebugOutputEnabled() bool

       PrintDebug will print debug output if `DebugOutput` is enabled.
    PrintDebug(v ...interface{})

DebugLogger is the debug logging interface of the Server

type DefaultRequestHandler Uses

type DefaultRequestHandler struct {
    PlaylistFactory PlaylistFactory // Factory for playlists
    ServeRequest    func(c net.Conn, path string,
        metaDataSupport bool, offset int, auth string) // Function to serve requests

    LoopTimes int // Number of loops -1 loops forever
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultRequestHandler data structure

func NewDefaultRequestHandler Uses

func NewDefaultRequestHandler(pf PlaylistFactory, loop bool,
    shuffle bool, auth string) *DefaultRequestHandler

NewDefaultRequestHandler creates a new default request handler object.

func (*DefaultRequestHandler) HandleRequest Uses

func (drh *DefaultRequestHandler) HandleRequest(c net.Conn, nerr net.Error)

HandleRequest handles requests from streaming clients. It tries to extract the path and if meta data is supported. Once a request has been successfully decoded ServeRequest is called. The connection is closed once HandleRequest finishes.

func (*DefaultRequestHandler) SetDebugLogger Uses

func (drh *DefaultRequestHandler) SetDebugLogger(logger DebugLogger)

SetDebugLogger sets the debug logger for this request handler.

type Playlist Uses

type Playlist interface {

       Name is the name of the playlist.
    Name() string

       ContentType returns the content type of this playlist e.g. audio/mpeg.
    ContentType() string

       Artist returns the artist which is currently playing.
    Artist() string

       Title returns the title which is currently playing.
    Title() string

    	Frame returns the current audio frame which is playing.
    Frame() ([]byte, error)

    	ReleaseFrame releases a frame which has been written to the client.

    	Finished returns if the playlist has finished playing.
    Finished() bool

    	Close any open files by this playlist and reset the current pointer. After this
    	call the playlist can be played again unless an error is returned.
    Close() error

Playlist is an object which provides a request handler with a constant stream of bytes and meta information about the current playing title.

type PlaylistFactory Uses

type PlaylistFactory interface {

    	Playlist returns a playlist for a given path.
    Playlist(path string, shuffle bool) Playlist

PlaylistFactory produces a Playlist for a given path.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    Running     bool                   // Flag indicating if the server is running
    Handler     ConnectionHandler      // Handler function for new  connections
    DebugOutput bool                   // Enable additional debugging output
    LogPrint    func(v ...interface{}) // Print logger method.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server data structure

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(handler ConnectionHandler) *Server

NewServer creates a new DudelDu server.

func (*Server) IsDebugOutputEnabled Uses

func (ds *Server) IsDebugOutputEnabled() bool

IsDebugOutputEnabled returns true if debug output is enabled.

func (*Server) PrintDebug Uses

func (ds *Server) PrintDebug(v ...interface{})

PrintDebug will print debug output if `DebugOutput` is enabled.

func (*Server) Run Uses

func (ds *Server) Run(laddr string, wgStatus *sync.WaitGroup) error

Run starts the DudelDu Server which can be stopped via ^C (Control-C).

laddr should be the local address which should be given to net.Listen. wgStatus is an optional wait group which will be notified once the server is listening and once the server has shutdown.

This function will not return unless the server is shutdown.

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (ds *Server) Shutdown()

Shutdown sends a shutdown signal.


playlistPackage playlist contains the default playlist implementation.
serverDudelDu main entry point for the standalone server.

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