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package layout

import "fyne.io/fyne/layout"

Package layout defines the various layouts available to Fyne apps


Package Files

borderlayout.go boxlayout.go centerlayout.go fixedgridlayout.go formlayout.go gridlayout.go maxlayout.go spacer.go

func NewAdaptiveGridLayout Uses

func NewAdaptiveGridLayout(rowcols int) fyne.Layout

NewAdaptiveGridLayout returns a new grid layout which uses columns when horizontal but rows when vertical.

func NewBorderLayout Uses

func NewBorderLayout(top, bottom, left, right fyne.CanvasObject) fyne.Layout

NewBorderLayout creates a new BorderLayout instance with top, left, bottom and right objects set. All other items in the container will fill the centre space

func NewCenterLayout Uses

func NewCenterLayout() fyne.Layout

NewCenterLayout creates a new CenterLayout instance

func NewFixedGridLayout Uses

func NewFixedGridLayout(size fyne.Size) fyne.Layout

NewFixedGridLayout returns a new FixedGridLayout instance

func NewFormLayout Uses

func NewFormLayout() fyne.Layout

NewFormLayout returns a new FormLayout instance

func NewGridLayout Uses

func NewGridLayout(cols int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayout returns a grid layout arranged in a specified number of columns. The number of rows will depend on how many children are in the container that uses this layout.

func NewGridLayoutWithColumns Uses

func NewGridLayoutWithColumns(cols int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayoutWithColumns returns a new grid layout that specifies a column count and wrap to new rows when needed.

func NewGridLayoutWithRows Uses

func NewGridLayoutWithRows(rows int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayoutWithRows returns a new grid layout that specifies a row count that creates new columns as required.

func NewHBoxLayout Uses

func NewHBoxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewHBoxLayout returns a horizontal box layout for stacking a number of child canvas objects or widgets left to right.

func NewMaxLayout Uses

func NewMaxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewMaxLayout creates a new MaxLayout instance

func NewSpacer Uses

func NewSpacer() fyne.CanvasObject

NewSpacer returns a spacer object which can fill vertical and horizontal space. This is primarily used with a box layout.

func NewVBoxLayout Uses

func NewVBoxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewVBoxLayout returns a vertical box layout for stacking a number of child canvas objects or widgets top to bottom.

type Spacer Uses

type Spacer struct {
    FixHorizontal bool
    FixVertical   bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Spacer is any simple object that can be used in a box layout to space out child objects

func (*Spacer) ExpandHorizontal Uses

func (s *Spacer) ExpandHorizontal() bool

ExpandHorizontal returns whether or not this spacer expands on the horizontal axis

func (*Spacer) ExpandVertical Uses

func (s *Spacer) ExpandVertical() bool

ExpandVertical returns whether or not this spacer expands on the vertical axis

func (*Spacer) Hide Uses

func (s *Spacer) Hide()

Hide removes this Spacer from layout calculations

func (*Spacer) MinSize Uses

func (s *Spacer) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns a 0 size as a Spacer can shrink to no actual size

func (*Spacer) Move Uses

func (s *Spacer) Move(pos fyne.Position)

Move sets a new position for the Spacer - this will be called by the layout

func (*Spacer) Position Uses

func (s *Spacer) Position() fyne.Position

Position returns the current position of this Spacer

func (*Spacer) Refresh Uses

func (s *Spacer) Refresh()

Refresh does nothing for a spacer but is part of the CanvasObject definition

func (*Spacer) Resize Uses

func (s *Spacer) Resize(size fyne.Size)

Resize sets a new size for the Spacer - this will be called by the layout

func (*Spacer) Show Uses

func (s *Spacer) Show()

Show sets the Spacer to be part of the layout calculations

func (*Spacer) Size Uses

func (s *Spacer) Size() fyne.Size

Size returns the current size of this Spacer

func (*Spacer) Visible Uses

func (s *Spacer) Visible() bool

Visible returns true if this spacer should affect the layout

type SpacerObject Uses

type SpacerObject interface {
    ExpandVertical() bool
    ExpandHorizontal() bool

SpacerObject is any object that can be used to space out child objects

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