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package fileupload

import ""


Package Files

generated.go stubs.go

func NewExecutableSchema Uses

func NewExecutableSchema(cfg Config) graphql.ExecutableSchema

NewExecutableSchema creates an ExecutableSchema from the ResolverRoot interface.

type ComplexityRoot Uses

type ComplexityRoot struct {
    File struct {
        Content     func(childComplexity int) int
        ContentType func(childComplexity int) int
        ID          func(childComplexity int) int
        Name        func(childComplexity int) int

    Mutation struct {
        MultipleUpload            func(childComplexity int, files []*graphql.Upload) int
        MultipleUploadWithPayload func(childComplexity int, req []*model.UploadFile) int
        SingleUpload              func(childComplexity int, file graphql.Upload) int
        SingleUploadWithPayload   func(childComplexity int, req model.UploadFile) int

    Query struct {
        Empty func(childComplexity int) int

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Resolvers  ResolverRoot
    Directives DirectiveRoot
    Complexity ComplexityRoot

type DirectiveRoot Uses

type DirectiveRoot struct {

type MutationResolver Uses

type MutationResolver interface {
    SingleUpload(ctx context.Context, file graphql.Upload) (*model.File, error)
    SingleUploadWithPayload(ctx context.Context, req model.UploadFile) (*model.File, error)
    MultipleUpload(ctx context.Context, files []*graphql.Upload) ([]*model.File, error)
    MultipleUploadWithPayload(ctx context.Context, req []*model.UploadFile) ([]*model.File, error)

type QueryResolver Uses

type QueryResolver interface {
    Empty(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

type ResolverRoot Uses

type ResolverRoot interface {
    Mutation() MutationResolver
    Query() QueryResolver

type Stub Uses

type Stub struct {
    MutationResolver struct {
        SingleUpload              func(ctx context.Context, file graphql.Upload) (*model.File, error)
        SingleUploadWithPayload   func(ctx context.Context, req model.UploadFile) (*model.File, error)
        MultipleUpload            func(ctx context.Context, files []*graphql.Upload) ([]*model.File, error)
        MultipleUploadWithPayload func(ctx context.Context, req []*model.UploadFile) ([]*model.File, error)
    QueryResolver struct {
        Empty func(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

func (*Stub) Mutation Uses

func (r *Stub) Mutation() MutationResolver

func (*Stub) Query Uses

func (r *Stub) Query() QueryResolver



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