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package factors

import ""


Package Files

factorsController.go factorsModel.go factorsView.go routing.go

func HandleSubrouter Uses

func HandleSubrouter(s *mux.Router, confhandler *respond.ConfHandler)

func List Uses

func List(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

List returns a list of factors (weights) per endpoint group (i.e. site)

func Options Uses

func Options(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

type Factor Uses

type Factor struct {
    Site   string `xml:"site,attr" json:"site"`
    Weight string `xml:"weight,attr" json:"weight"`

type FactorsOutput Uses

type FactorsOutput struct {
    Site   string  `bson:"name"`
    Weight float64 `bson:"hepspec"`

FactorsOutput struct to represent Name/Factor pair

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