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package statusEndpointGroups

import ""


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controller.go model.go routing.go view.go

func HandleSubrouter Uses

func HandleSubrouter(s *mux.Router, confhandler *respond.ConfHandler)

HandleSubrouter contains the different paths to follow during subrouting

func ListEndpointGroupTimelines Uses

func ListEndpointGroupTimelines(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

ListEndpointGroupTimelines returns a list of metric timelines

func Options Uses

func Options(r *http.Request, cfg config.Config) (int, http.Header, []byte, error)

Options responds to an OPTIONS request

type DataOutput Uses

type DataOutput struct {
    Report        string `bson:"report"`
    Timestamp     string `bson:"timestamp"`
    EndpointGroup string `bson:"endpoint_group"`
    Status        string `bson:"status"`
    DateInteger   string `bson:"date_integer"`

DataOutput struct holds the queried data from datastore

type InputParams Uses

type InputParams struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

InputParams struct holds as input all the url params of the request

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