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package tracing

import "github.com/Azure/go-autorest/tracing"


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var (
    // Transport is the default tracing RoundTripper. The custom options setter will control
    // if traces are being emitted or not.
    Transport = NewTransport()

func Disable Uses

func Disable()

Disable will disable instrumentation for metrics and traces.

func Enable Uses

func Enable() error

Enable will start instrumentation for metrics and traces.

func EnableWithAIForwarding Uses

func EnableWithAIForwarding(agentEndpoint string) (err error)

EnableWithAIForwarding will start instrumentation and will connect to app insights forwarder exporter making the metrics and traces available in app insights.

func EndSpan Uses

func EndSpan(ctx context.Context, httpStatusCode int, err error)

EndSpan ends a previously started span stored in the context

func IsEnabled Uses

func IsEnabled() bool

IsEnabled returns true if monitoring is enabled for the sdk.

func NewTransport Uses

func NewTransport() *ochttp.Transport

NewTransport returns a new instance of a tracing-aware RoundTripper.

func StartSpan Uses

func StartSpan(ctx context.Context, name string) context.Context

StartSpan starts a trace span

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