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package bigreq

import "github.com/BurntSushi/xgb/bigreq"

Package bigreq is the X client API for the BIG-REQUESTS extension.


Package Files


func Init Uses

func Init(c *xgb.Conn) error

Init must be called before using the BIG-REQUESTS extension.

type EnableCookie Uses

type EnableCookie struct {

EnableCookie is a cookie used only for Enable requests.

func Enable Uses

func Enable(c *xgb.Conn) EnableCookie

Enable sends a checked request. If an error occurs, it will be returned with the reply by calling EnableCookie.Reply()

func EnableUnchecked Uses

func EnableUnchecked(c *xgb.Conn) EnableCookie

EnableUnchecked sends an unchecked request. If an error occurs, it can only be retrieved using xgb.WaitForEvent or xgb.PollForEvent.

func (EnableCookie) Reply Uses

func (cook EnableCookie) Reply() (*EnableReply, error)

Reply blocks and returns the reply data for a Enable request.

type EnableReply Uses

type EnableReply struct {
    Sequence uint16 // sequence number of the request for this reply
    Length   uint32 // number of bytes in this reply
    // padding: 1 bytes
    MaximumRequestLength uint32

EnableReply represents the data returned from a Enable request.

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