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package gutter

import "github.com/Drakirus/go-flutter-desktop-embedder"


Package Files

gutter.go keyboard.go option.go plugin_receiver.go system_plugins.go text_model.go


const (
    ModNone         int = 0
    ModShift        int = 1
    ModControl      int = 2
    ModShiftControl int = 3
    ModAlt          int = 4
    ModSuper        int = 8

Modifier keys from glfw


var KeyboardAzertyLayout = KeyboardShortcuts{
    Cut:       glfw.KeyX,
    Copy:      glfw.KeyC,
    Paste:     glfw.KeyV,
    SelectAll: glfw.KeyQ,

KeyboardAzertyLayout gives an Azerty layout (french)

var KeyboardQwertyLayout = KeyboardShortcuts{
    Cut:       glfw.KeyX,
    Copy:      glfw.KeyC,
    Paste:     glfw.KeyV,
    SelectAll: glfw.KeyA,

KeyboardQwertyLayout is the default key for shortcuts (US-layout)

func Run Uses

func Run(options ...Option) (err error)

Run executes a flutter application with the provided options. given limitations this method must be called by the main function directly.

type ArgsAppSwitcherDescription Uses

type ArgsAppSwitcherDescription struct {
    Label        string `json:"label"`
    PrimaryColor int64  `json:"primaryColor"`

ArgsAppSwitcherDescription Args content

type KeyboardShortcuts Uses

type KeyboardShortcuts struct {
    Cut       glfw.Key
    Copy      glfw.Key
    Paste     glfw.Key
    SelectAll glfw.Key

KeyboardShortcuts Struct where user can define his own keyboard shortcut. This will allow application to support keyboard layout different from US layout

type Option Uses

type Option func(*config)

Option for gutter

func ApplicationICUDataPath Uses

func ApplicationICUDataPath(p string) Option

ApplicationICUDataPath specify the path to the ICUData.

func ApplicationWindowDimension Uses

func ApplicationWindowDimension(x int, y int) Option

ApplicationWindowDimension specify the startup's dimention of the window.

func OptionAddPluginReceiver Uses

func OptionAddPluginReceiver(handler PluginReceivers, channelName string) Option

OptionAddPluginReceiver add a new function that will be trigger when the FlutterEngine send a PlatformMessage to the Embedder

func OptionKeyboardLayout Uses

func OptionKeyboardLayout(keyboardLayout KeyboardShortcuts) Option

OptionKeyboardLayout allow application to support keyboard that have a different layout when the FlutterEngine send a PlatformMessage to the Embedder

func OptionPixelRatio Uses

func OptionPixelRatio(ratio float64) Option

OptionPixelRatio forces the the scale factor for the screen. By default, go-flutter will calculate the correct pixel ratio for the user, based on their monitor DPI. Setting this option is not advised.

func OptionVMArguments Uses

func OptionVMArguments(a []string) Option

OptionVMArguments specify the arguments to the Dart VM.

func OptionWindowInitializer Uses

func OptionWindowInitializer(ini func(*glfw.Window) error) Option

OptionWindowInitializer allow initializing the window.

func ProjectAssetPath Uses

func ProjectAssetPath(p string) Option

ProjectAssetPath specify the flutter asset directory.

type PluginReceivers Uses

type PluginReceivers func(
    message *flutter.PlatformMessage,
    flutterEngine *flutter.EngineOpenGL,
    window *glfw.Window,
) bool

PluginReceivers do stuff when receiving Message from the Engine, send result with `flutterEngine.SendPlatformMessageResponse`



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