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package reports

import ""


Package Files

console.go console_dot.go reports.go

type ConsoleReport Uses

type ConsoleReport struct{}

ConsoleReport is a type of text-based report that writes to stdout.

func (*ConsoleReport) Generate Uses

func (cr *ConsoleReport) Generate(report *Report)

Generate generates a text-based report.

type Generator Uses

type Generator interface {

Generator is a type that can generate reports.

type Report Uses

type Report struct {
    GeneratedAt time.Time
    Analyzers   []analyzers.Analyzer
    Sources     []*sources.Source
    Issues      []*analyzers.Issue
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Report represents a report of issues found.

func New Uses

func New(generator Generator) *Report

New returns a new instance of Report.

func (*Report) AddAnalyzers Uses

func (r *Report) AddAnalyzers(analyzers []analyzers.Analyzer)

AddAnalyzers adds a list of analyzers to the report.

func (*Report) AddIssues Uses

func (r *Report) AddIssues(issues []*analyzers.Issue)

AddIssues adds a list of issues to a report.

func (*Report) AddSources Uses

func (r *Report) AddSources(sources []*sources.Source)

AddSources adds a list of sources to the report.

func (*Report) AnalyzersRun Uses

func (r *Report) AnalyzersRun() string

AnalyzersRun returns a list of IDs associated with the analyzers that were run.

func (*Report) Generate Uses

func (r *Report) Generate()

Generate generates a report.

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