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package launchpad

import ""

Package launchpad contains the Launchpad bridge implementation


Package Files

config.go import.go launchpad.go launchpad_api.go


var ErrBadProjectURL = errors.New("bad Launchpad project URL")

type LPBug Uses

type LPBug struct {
    Title       string   `json:"title"`
    ID          int      `json:"id"`
    Owner       LPPerson `json:"owner_link"`
    Description string   `json:"description"`
    CreatedAt   string   `json:"date_created"`
    Messages    []LPMessage

LPBug describes a Launchpad bug.

type LPMessage Uses

type LPMessage struct {
    Content   string   `json:"content"`
    CreatedAt string   `json:"date_created"`
    Owner     LPPerson `json:"owner_link"`
    ID        string   `json:"self_link"`

LPMessage describes a comment on a bug report

type LPPerson Uses

type LPPerson struct {
    Name  string `json:"display_name"`
    Login string `json:"name"`

Person describes a person on Launchpad (a bug owner, a message author, ...).

type Launchpad Uses

type Launchpad struct{}

func (*Launchpad) Configure Uses

func (l *Launchpad) Configure(repo *cache.RepoCache, params core.BridgeParams) (core.Configuration, error)

func (Launchpad) LoginMetaKey Uses

func (Launchpad) LoginMetaKey() string

func (*Launchpad) NewExporter Uses

func (*Launchpad) NewExporter() core.Exporter

func (*Launchpad) NewImporter Uses

func (*Launchpad) NewImporter() core.Importer

func (*Launchpad) Target Uses

func (*Launchpad) Target() string

func (Launchpad) ValidParams Uses

func (Launchpad) ValidParams() map[string]interface{}

func (*Launchpad) ValidateConfig Uses

func (*Launchpad) ValidateConfig(conf core.Configuration) error

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