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package query

import ""


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lexer.go parser.go query.go

type Filters Uses

type Filters struct {
    Status      []bug.Status
    Author      []string
    Actor       []string
    Participant []string
    Label       []string
    Title       []string
    NoLabel     bool

Filters is a collection of Filter that implement a complex filter

type OrderBy Uses

type OrderBy int
const (
    OrderById OrderBy

type OrderDirection Uses

type OrderDirection int
const (
    OrderAscending OrderDirection

type Query Uses

type Query struct {

Query is the intermediary representation of a Bug's query. It is either produced by parsing a query string (ex: "status:open author:rene") or created manually. This query doesn't do anything by itself and need to be interpreted for the specific domain of application.

func NewQuery Uses

func NewQuery() *Query

NewQuery return an identity query with the default sorting (creation-desc).

func Parse Uses

func Parse(query string) (*Query, error)

Parse parse a query DSL

Ex: "status:open author:descartes sort:edit-asc"

Supported filter qualifiers and syntax are described in docs/

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