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package winio

import "github.com/Microsoft/go-winio"


Package Files

ea.go reparse.go syscall.go

func EncodeExtendedAttributes Uses

func EncodeExtendedAttributes(eas []ExtendedAttribute) ([]byte, error)

EncodeExtendedAttributes encodes a list of EAs into a FILE_FULL_EA_INFORMATION buffer for use with BackupWrite, ZwSetEaFile, etc.

func EncodeReparsePoint Uses

func EncodeReparsePoint(rp *ReparsePoint) []byte

EncodeReparsePoint encodes a Win32 REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER structure describing a symlink or mount point.

type ExtendedAttribute Uses

type ExtendedAttribute struct {
    Name  string
    Value []byte
    Flags uint8

ExtendedAttribute represents a single Windows EA.

func DecodeExtendedAttributes Uses

func DecodeExtendedAttributes(b []byte) (eas []ExtendedAttribute, err error)

DecodeExtendedAttributes decodes a list of EAs from a FILE_FULL_EA_INFORMATION buffer retrieved from BackupRead, ZwQueryEaFile, etc.

type ReparsePoint Uses

type ReparsePoint struct {
    Target       string
    IsMountPoint bool

ReparsePoint describes a Win32 symlink or mount point.

func DecodeReparsePoint Uses

func DecodeReparsePoint(b []byte) (*ReparsePoint, error)

DecodeReparsePoint decodes a Win32 REPARSE_DATA_BUFFER structure containing either a symlink or a mount point.

func DecodeReparsePointData Uses

func DecodeReparsePointData(tag uint32, b []byte) (*ReparsePoint, error)

type UnsupportedReparsePointError Uses

type UnsupportedReparsePointError struct {
    Tag uint32

UnsupportedReparsePointError is returned when trying to decode a non-symlink or mount point reparse point.

func (*UnsupportedReparsePointError) Error Uses

func (e *UnsupportedReparsePointError) Error() string


archive/tarPackage tar implements access to tar archives.
pkg/etwPackage etw provides support for TraceLogging-based ETW (Event Tracing for Windows).
pkg/etw/sampleShows a sample usage of the ETW logging package.
wimPackage wim implements a WIM file parser.
wim/lzxPackage lzx implements a decompressor for the the WIM variant of the LZX compression algorithm.

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