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package notify

import "github.com/TheCreeper/go-notify"

Package notify provides an implementation of the Gnome DBus notifications specification.


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const (
    DbusObjectPath               = "/org/freedesktop/Notifications"
    DbusInterfacePath            = "org.freedesktop.Notifications"
    SignalNotificationClosed     = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.NotificationClosed"
    SignalActionInvoked          = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.ActionInvoked"
    CallGetCapabilities          = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.GetCapabilities"
    CallCloseNotification        = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.CloseNotification"
    CallNotify                   = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.Notify"
    CallGetServerInformation     = "org.freedesktop.Notifications.GetServerInformation"
    DbusMemberActionInvoked      = "ActionInvoked"
    DbusMemberNotificationClosed = "NotificationClosed"

Notification object paths and interfaces.

const (
    ExpiresDefault = -1
    ExpiresNever   = 0

Notification expire timeout.

const (
    ClassDevice              = "device"
    ClassDeviceAdded         = "device.added"
    ClassDeviceError         = "device.error"
    ClassDeviceRemoved       = "device.removed"
    ClassEmail               = "email"
    ClassEmailArrived        = "email.arrived"
    ClassEmailBounced        = "email.bounced"
    ClassIm                  = "im"
    ClassImError             = "im.error"
    ClassImReceived          = "im.received"
    ClassNetwork             = "network"
    ClassNetworkConnected    = "network.connected"
    ClassNetworkDisconnected = "network.disconnected"
    ClassNetworkError        = "network.error"
    ClassPresence            = "presence"
    ClassPresenceOffline     = "presence.offline"
    ClassPresenceOnline      = "presence.online"
    ClassTransfer            = "transfer"
    ClassTransferComplete    = "transfer.complete"
    ClassTransferError       = "transfer.error"

Notification Categories

const (
    UrgencyLow      = byte(0)
    UrgencyNormal   = byte(1)
    UrgencyCritical = byte(2)

Urgency Levels

const (
    HintActionIcons   = "action-icons"
    HintCategory      = "category"
    HintDesktopEntry  = "desktop-entry"
    HintImageData     = "image-data"
    HintImagePath     = "image-path"
    HintResident      = "resident"
    HintSoundFile     = "sound-file"
    HintSoundName     = "sound-name"
    HintSuppressSound = "suppress-sound"
    HintTransient     = "transient"
    HintX             = "x"
    HintY             = "y"
    HintUrgency       = "urgency"


func CloseNotification Uses

func CloseNotification(id uint32) (err error)

CloseNotification closes the notification if it exists using its id.

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities struct {
    // Supports using icons instead of text for displaying actions.
    ActionIcons bool

    // The server will provide any specified actions to the user.
    Actions bool

    // Supports body text. Some implementations may only show the summary.
    Body bool

    // The server supports hyperlinks in the notifications.
    BodyHyperlinks bool

    // The server supports images in the notifications.
    BodyImages bool

    // Supports markup in the body text.
    BodyMarkup bool

    // The server will render an animation of all the frames in a given
    // image array.
    IconMulti bool

    // Supports display of exactly 1 frame of any given image array.
    IconStatic bool

    // The server supports persistence of notifications. Notifications will
    // be retained until they are acknowledged or removed by the user or
    // recalled by the sender.
    Persistence bool

    // The server supports sounds on notifications.
    Sound bool

Capabilities is a struct containing the capabilities of the notification server.

func GetCapabilities Uses

func GetCapabilities() (c Capabilities, err error)

GetCapabilities returns the capabilities of the notification server.

type Notification Uses

type Notification struct {
    // The optional name of the application sending the notification.
    // Can be blank.
    AppName string

    // The optional notification ID that this notification replaces.
    ReplacesID uint32

    // The optional program icon of the calling application.
    AppIcon string

    // The summary text briefly describing the notification.
    Summary string

    // The optional detailed body text.
    Body string

    // The actions send a request message back to the notification client
    // when invoked.
    Actions []string

    // Hints are a way to provide extra data to a notification server.
    Hints map[string]interface{}

    // The timeout time in milliseconds since the display of the
    // notification at which the notification should automatically close.
    Timeout int32

Notification is a struct which describes the notification to be displayed by the notification server.

func NewNotification Uses

func NewNotification(summary, body string) Notification

NewNotification creates a new notification object with some basic information.

func (Notification) Show Uses

func (n Notification) Show() (id uint32, err error)

Show sends the information in the notification object to the server to be displayed.

type ServerInformation Uses

type ServerInformation struct {
    // The name of the notification server daemon
    Name string

    // The vendor of the notification server
    Vendor string

    // Version of the notification server
    Version string

    // Spec version the notification server conforms to
    SpecVersion string

ServerInformation is a struct containing information about the server such as its name and version.

func GetServerInformation Uses

func GetServerInformation() (i ServerInformation, err error)

GetServerInformation returns information about the notification server such as its name and version.

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