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package resolver

import ""


Package Files

resolver.go socket.go

type Resolver Uses

type Resolver interface {
    Type() string
    Addr() string
    GetAddress() (net.Addr, error)

Resolver is an interface which provides an abstract factory for net.Addr addresses. Resolvers are not thread safe.

func NewResolver Uses

func NewResolver(context *base.Context, address string) (Resolver, error)

NewResolver takes an address and returns a new resolver.

func NewResolverFromAddress Uses

func NewResolverFromAddress(addr net.Addr) (Resolver, error)

NewResolverFromAddress takes a net.Addr and constructs a resolver.

func NewResolverFromUnresolvedAddr Uses

func NewResolverFromUnresolvedAddr(addr util.UnresolvedAddr) (Resolver, error)

NewResolverFromUnresolvedAddr takes a util.UnresolvedAddr and constructs a resolver.

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