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package pagerank

import ""

Package pagerank implements the *weighted* PageRank algorithm.


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type Graph Uses

type Graph struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Graph holds node and edge data.

func NewGraph Uses

func NewGraph() *Graph

NewGraph initializes and returns a new graph.

func (self *Graph) Link(source, target uint32, weight float64)

Link creates a weighted edge between a source-target node pair. If the edge already exists, the weight is incremented.

func (*Graph) Rank Uses

func (self *Graph) Rank(α, ε float64, callback func(id uint32, rank float64))

Rank computes the PageRank of every node in the directed graph. α (alpha) is the damping factor, usually set to 0.85. ε (epsilon) is the convergence criteria, usually set to a tiny value.

This method will run as many iterations as needed, until the graph converges.

func (*Graph) Reset Uses

func (self *Graph) Reset()

Reset clears all the current graph data.

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