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adjustPackage adjust provides basic color correction functions.
blendPackage blend provides common image blending modes.
blurPackage blur provides image blurring functions.
channelPackage channel provides image channel separation and manipulation functions.
clonePackage clone provides image cloning function.
convolutionPackage convolution provides the functionality to create and apply a kernel to an image.
effectPackage effect provides the functionality to manipulate images to achieve various looks.
fcolorPackage fcolor provides a basic RGBAF64 color type.
histogramPackage histogram provides basic histogram types and functions to analyze RGBA images.
imgioPackage imgio provides basic image file input/output.
math/f64Package f64 provides helper functions for the float64 type.
math/integerPackage integer provides helper functions for the integer type.
paintPackage paint provides functions to edit a group of pixels on an image.
parallelPackage parallel provides helper functions for the dispatching of parallel jobs.
perlinPackage perlin provides coherent noise function over 1, 2 or 3 dimensions This code is go adaptagion based on C implementation that can be found here: (original copyright Ken Perlin)
segmentPackage segment provides basic image segmentation and clusterring methods.
transformPackage transform provides basic image transformation functions, such as resizing, rotation and flipping.
utilPackage util provides various helper functions for the package bild.

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