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package symtab

import ""

Package symtab allows reading low-level symbol information from the symbol table.


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type SymbolTable Uses

type SymbolTable struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SymbolTable allows for mapping between symbols and their addresses.

func New Uses

func New(filename string) (*SymbolTable, error)

New creates a new symbol table based on the debug info read from the specified file.

func (*SymbolTable) Addr2Sym Uses

func (s *SymbolTable) Addr2Sym(addr uintptr) (string, error)

Addr2Sym returns the symbol name for the provided address.

func (*SymbolTable) Sym2Addr Uses

func (s *SymbolTable) Sym2Addr(symbol string) (uintptr, error)

Sym2Addr returns the address of the provided symbol name.

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