buf: github.com/bufbuild/buf/internal


pkg/analysisPackage analysis implements an Annotation type to return annotations on files.
pkg/analysis/analysistestingPackage analysistesting implements testing functionality for Annotations.
pkg/diffPackage diff implements diffing.
pkg/encodingutilPackage encodingutil provides encoding utilities.
pkg/logutilPackage logutil implements log utilities.
pkg/protodescPackage protodesc defines minimal interfaces for Protobuf descriptor types.
pkg/protodescpbPackage protodescpb is meant to provide an easy mechanism to switch between github.com/golang/protobuf and google.golang.org/protobuf in the future.
pkg/storagePackage storage implements a simple storage abstraction.
pkg/storage/storagegitPackage storagegit implements git utilities.
pkg/storage/storagememPackage storagemem implements an in-memory storage Bucket.
pkg/storage/storageosPackage storageos implements an os-backed storage Bucket.
pkg/storage/storagepathPackage storagepath provides functions similar to filepath.
pkg/storage/storageutilPackage storageutil implements storage utilities.
pkg/stringutilPackage stringutil implements string utilities.
pkg/util/utilstringPackage utilstring implements string utilities.

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