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package core

import ""

Package core contains core definitions for the transport package, the most salient of which is likely the Identity type. This type is used to build a Transport instance.

The TLS configurations provided here are designed for three scenarios: mutual authentication for a clients, mutual authentication for servers, and a general-purpose server configuration applicable where mutual authentication is not appropriate.


Package Files

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var CipherSuites = []uint16{


CipherSuites are the TLS cipher suites that should be used by CloudFlare programs.

var DefaultBefore = 24 * time.Hour

DefaultBefore is a sensible default; attempt to regenerate certificates the day before they expire.

type Identity Uses

type Identity struct {
    // Request contains metadata for constructing certificate requests.
    Request *csr.CertificateRequest `json:"request"`

    // Roots contains a list of sources for trusted roots.
    Roots []*Root `json:"roots"`

    // ClientRoots contains a list of sources for trusted client
    // certificates.
    ClientRoots []*Root `json:"client_roots"`

    // Profiles contains a dictionary of names to dictionaries;
    // this is intended to allow flexibility in supporting
    // multiple configurations.
    Profiles map[string]map[string]string `json:"profiles"`

Identity is used to store information about a particular transport.

type Root Uses

type Root struct {
    // Type should contain a string identifier for the type.
    Type string `json:"type"`

    // Metadata contains the information needed to load the
    // root(s).
    Metadata map[string]string `json:"metadata"`

A Root stores information about a trusted root.

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