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package logging

import ""


Package Files

logging.go logging_logrus.go

func CeeFormatter Uses

func CeeFormatter(p syslog.Priority, hostname, tag, content string) string

This srslog formatter is based on srslog/formatter.go's RFC3164Formatter. The default rsyslog input module expects RFC3164 formatted logs, using srslog's DefaultFormatter with "@cee:" wasn't

compatible enough to get it working.

some historical context on the efforts to standardize the syslog message


func GetLogFormatter Uses

func GetLogFormatter(logFormatterType string) logrus.Formatter

func Log Uses

func Log(message string, force bool, isError bool, err interface{})

func LogError Uses

func LogError(message string, errMsg interface{})

func LogStd Uses

func LogStd(message string, force bool)

type Logging Uses

type Logging interface {
    Connect() bool
    ShipEvents(map[string]interface{}, string)

func NewLogging Uses

func NewLogging(SyslogServerFlag string, SysLogProtocolFlag string, LogFormatterFlag string, certP string, DebugFlag bool, skipSSLFlag bool) Logging

type LoggingLogrus Uses

type LoggingLogrus struct {
    Logger *logrus.Logger
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LoggingLogrus) Connect Uses

func (l *LoggingLogrus) Connect() bool

func (*LoggingLogrus) ShipEvents Uses

func (l *LoggingLogrus) ShipEvents(eventFields map[string]interface{}, Message string)


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