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package utilccl

import ""


Package Files

jobutils.go license_check.go


var BulkJobExecutionResultHeader = sqlbase.ResultColumns{
    {Name: "job_id", Typ: types.Int},
    {Name: "status", Typ: types.String},
    {Name: "fraction_completed", Typ: types.Float},
    {Name: "rows", Typ: types.Int},
    {Name: "index_entries", Typ: types.Int},
    {Name: "bytes", Typ: types.Int},

BulkJobExecutionResultHeader is the header for various job commands (BACKUP, RESTORE, IMPORT, etc) stmt results.

var DetachedJobExecutionResultHeader = sqlbase.ResultColumns{
    {Name: "job_id", Typ: types.Int},

DetachedJobExecutionResultHeader is a the header for various job commands when job executes in detached mode (i.e. the caller doesn't wait for job completion).

func CheckEnterpriseEnabled Uses

func CheckEnterpriseEnabled(st *cluster.Settings, cluster uuid.UUID, org, feature string) error

CheckEnterpriseEnabled returns a non-nil error if the requested enterprise feature is not enabled, including information or a link explaining how to enable it.

func StartAsyncJob Uses

func StartAsyncJob(
    ctx context.Context, p sql.PlanHookState, jr *jobs.Record, resultsCh chan<- tree.Datums,
) error

StartAsyncJob starts running the job without blocking and waiting for job completion.

func TestingDisableEnterprise Uses

func TestingDisableEnterprise() func()

TestingDisableEnterprise allows re-enabling the license check in tests.

func TestingEnableEnterprise Uses

func TestingEnableEnterprise() func()

TestingEnableEnterprise allows overriding the license check in tests.



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