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Command prereqs

prereqs generates Make prerequisites for Go binaries. It works much like the traditional makedepend tool for C.

Given the path to a Go package, prereqs will traverse the package's dependency graph to determine what files impact its compilation. It then outputs a Makefile that expresses these dependencies. For example:

$ prereqs ./pkg/cmd/foo
# Code generated by prereqs. DO NOT EDIT!

bin/foo: ./pkg/cmd/foo/foo.go ./some/dep.go ./some/other_dep.go


The intended usage is automatic dependency generation from another Makefile:

 prereqs ./pkg/cmd/target > bin/target.d
 go build -o $@ ./pkg/cmd/target

include bin/target.d

Notice that depended-upon files are mentioned not only in the prerequisites list but also as a rule with no prerequisite or recipe. This prevents Make from complaining if the prerequisite is deleted. See [0] for details on the approach.


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