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Command testfilter

testfilter is a utility to manipulate JSON streams in [test2json] format. Standard input is read and each line starting with `{` and ending with `}` parsed (and expected to parse successfully). Lines not matching this pattern are classified as output not related to the test and, depending on the args passed to `testfilter`, are passed through or removed. The arguments available are `--mode=(strip|omit|convert)`, where:

strip: omit output for non-failing tests, pass everything else through. In

particular, non-test output and tests that never terminate are passed through.

omit: print only failing tests. Note that test2json does not close scopes for

tests that are running in parallel (in the same package) with a "foreground"
test that panics, so it will pass through *only* the one foreground test.
Note also that package scopes are omitted; test2json does not reliably close
them on panic/Exit anyway.


no filtering is performed, but any test2json input is translated back into
its pure Go test framework text representation. This is useful for output
intended for human eyes.


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