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package goroutineui

import ""


Package Files

dump.go html.go

type Dump Uses

type Dump struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Dump wraps a goroutine dump with functionality to output through panicparse.

func NewDump Uses

func NewDump(now time.Time) Dump

NewDump grabs a goroutine dump and associates it with the supplied time.

func NewDumpFromBytes Uses

func NewDumpFromBytes(now time.Time, b []byte) Dump

NewDumpFromBytes is like NewDump, but treats the supplied bytes as a goroutine dump.

func (Dump) HTML Uses

func (d Dump) HTML(w io.Writer) error

HTML writes the rendered output of panicparse into the supplied Writer.

func (Dump) HTMLString Uses

func (d Dump) HTMLString() string

HTMLString is like HTML, but returns a string. If an error occurs, its string representation is returned.

func (Dump) SortCountDesc Uses

func (d Dump) SortCountDesc()

SortCountDesc rearranges the goroutine buckets such that higher multiplicities appear earlier.

func (Dump) SortWaitDesc Uses

func (d Dump) SortWaitDesc()

SortWaitDesc rearranges the goroutine buckets such that goroutines that have longer wait times appear earlier.

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