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package goroutinedumper

import ""


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type GoroutineDumper Uses

type GoroutineDumper struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

GoroutineDumper stores relevant functions and stats to take goroutine dumps if an abnormal change in number of goroutines is detected.

func NewGoroutineDumper Uses

func NewGoroutineDumper(dir string) (*GoroutineDumper, error)

NewGoroutineDumper returns a GoroutineDumper which enables doubleSinceLastDumpHeuristic. dir is the directory in which dumps are stored.

func (*GoroutineDumper) MaybeDump Uses

func (gd *GoroutineDumper) MaybeDump(ctx context.Context, st *cluster.Settings, goroutines int64)

MaybeDump takes a goroutine dump only when at least one heuristic in GoroutineDumper is true. At most one dump is taken in a call of this function.

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