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package delegate

import ""


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delegate.go job_control.go show_all_cluster_settings.go show_database_indexes.go show_databases.go show_enums.go show_grants.go show_jobs.go show_partitions.go show_queries.go show_range_for_row.go show_ranges.go show_role_grants.go show_roles.go show_schedules.go show_schemas.go show_sequences.go show_sessions.go show_syntax.go show_table.go show_tables.go show_var.go show_zone_config.go


var ValidVars = make(map[string]struct{})

ValidVars contains the set of variable names; initialized from the SQL package.

func TryDelegate Uses

func TryDelegate(
    ctx context.Context, catalog cat.Catalog, evalCtx *tree.EvalContext, stmt tree.Statement,
) (tree.Statement, error)

TryDelegate takes a statement and checks if it is one of the statements that can be rewritten as a lower level query. If it can, returns a new AST which is equivalent to the original statement. Otherwise, returns nil.

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