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package flags

import ""


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const DockerAPIMinVersion string = "1.24"

DockerAPIMinVersion is the minimum version of the docker api required to use watchtower

func EnvConfig Uses

func EnvConfig(cmd *cobra.Command) error

EnvConfig translates the command-line options into environment variables that will initialize the api client

func ReadFlags Uses

func ReadFlags(cmd *cobra.Command) (bool, bool, bool, time.Duration)

ReadFlags reads common flags used in the main program flow of watchtower

func RegisterDockerFlags Uses

func RegisterDockerFlags(rootCmd *cobra.Command)

RegisterDockerFlags that are used directly by the docker api client

func RegisterNotificationFlags Uses

func RegisterNotificationFlags(rootCmd *cobra.Command)

RegisterNotificationFlags that are used by watchtower to send notifications

func RegisterSystemFlags Uses

func RegisterSystemFlags(rootCmd *cobra.Command)

RegisterSystemFlags that are used by watchtower to modify the program flow

func SetDefaults Uses

func SetDefaults()

SetDefaults provides default values for environment variables

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