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package testutils

import ""


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func RunCleanup Uses

func RunCleanup(t *testing.T, kv store.Store)

RunCleanup cleans up keys introduced by the tests

func RunTestAtomic Uses

func RunTestAtomic(t *testing.T, kv store.Store)

RunTestAtomic tests the Atomic operations by the K/V backends

func RunTestCommon Uses

func RunTestCommon(t *testing.T, kv store.Store)

RunTestCommon tests the minimal required APIs which should be supported by all K/V backends

func RunTestLock Uses

func RunTestLock(t *testing.T, kv store.Store)

RunTestLock tests the KV pair Lock/Unlock APIs supported by the K/V backends.

func RunTestLockTTL Uses

func RunTestLockTTL(t *testing.T, kv store.Store, backup store.Store)

RunTestLockTTL tests the KV pair Lock with TTL APIs supported by the K/V backends.

func RunTestTTL Uses

func RunTestTTL(t *testing.T, kv store.Store, backup store.Store)

RunTestTTL tests the TTL funtionality of the K/V backend.

func RunTestWatch Uses

func RunTestWatch(t *testing.T, kv store.Store)

RunTestWatch tests the watch/monitor APIs supported by the K/V backends.

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