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package codec

import ""


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func MarshalJSONIndent Uses

func MarshalJSONIndent(cdc *Codec, obj interface{}) ([]byte, error)

attempt to make some pretty json

func MustMarshalJSONIndent Uses

func MustMarshalJSONIndent(cdc *Codec, obj interface{}) []byte

MustMarshalJSONIndent executes MarshalJSONIndent except it panics upon failure.

func RegisterCrypto Uses

func RegisterCrypto(cdc *Codec)

Register the go-crypto to the codec

func RegisterEvidences Uses

func RegisterEvidences(cdc *Codec)

RegisterEvidences registers Tendermint evidence types with the provided codec.

type Codec Uses

type Codec = amino.Codec

amino codec to marshal/unmarshal

var Cdc *Codec

generic sealed codec to be used throughout sdk

func New Uses

func New() *Codec

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