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package mintkey

import ""


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var BcryptSecurityParameter = 12

Make bcrypt security parameter var, so it can be changed within the lcd test Making the bcrypt security parameter a var shouldn't be a security issue: One can't verify an invalid key by maliciously changing the bcrypt parameter during a runtime vulnerability. The main security threat this then exposes would be something that changes this during runtime before the user creates their key. This vulnerability must succeed to update this to that same value before every subsequent call to the keys command in future startups / or the attacker must get access to the filesystem. However, with a similar threat model (changing variables in runtime), one can cause the user to sign a different tx than what they see, which is a significantly cheaper attack then breaking a bcrypt hash. (Recall that the nonce still exists to break rainbow tables) For further notes on security parameter choice, see

func ArmorInfoBytes Uses

func ArmorInfoBytes(bz []byte) string

Armor the InfoBytes

func ArmorPubKeyBytes Uses

func ArmorPubKeyBytes(bz []byte) string

Armor the PubKeyBytes

func EncryptArmorPrivKey Uses

func EncryptArmorPrivKey(privKey crypto.PrivKey, passphrase string) string

Encrypt and armor the private key.

func UnarmorDecryptPrivKey Uses

func UnarmorDecryptPrivKey(armorStr string, passphrase string) (crypto.PrivKey, error)

Unarmor and decrypt the private key.

func UnarmorInfoBytes Uses

func UnarmorInfoBytes(armorStr string) (bz []byte, err error)

Unarmor the InfoBytes

func UnarmorPubKeyBytes Uses

func UnarmorPubKeyBytes(armorStr string) (bz []byte, err error)

Unarmor the PubKeyBytes

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