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package std

import ""

Package std defines all the common and standard inter-module Cosmos SDK types and definitions modules and applications can depend on. These types and definitions serve as convenient starting point and also to act as an example or template of how said types and definitions can be overridden/redefined.

Typically these will be used in application-specific units of business logic. These types and definitions are different from the types you may find in a "core" or "types" package as those should be considered the defacto types to be used and are not application-specific.


Package Files

codec.go consensus_params.go doc.go pubkey.go

func ConsensusParamsKeyTable Uses

func ConsensusParamsKeyTable() paramstypes.KeyTable

ConsensusParamsKeyTable returns an x/params module keyTable to be used in the BaseApp's ParamStore. The KeyTable registers the types along with the standard validation functions. Applications can choose to adopt this KeyTable or provider their own when the existing validation functions do not suite their needs.

func MakeCodec Uses

func MakeCodec(bm module.BasicManager) *codec.LegacyAmino

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- necessary types and interfaces registered. This codec is provided to all the modules the application depends on.

NOTE: This codec will be deprecated in favor of AppCodec once all modules are migrated.

func RegisterCodec Uses

func RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.LegacyAmino)

func RegisterInterfaces Uses

func RegisterInterfaces(interfaceRegistry types.InterfaceRegistry)

RegisterInterfaces registers Interfaces from sdk/types and vesting

type DefaultPublicKeyCodec Uses

type DefaultPublicKeyCodec struct{}

DefaultPublicKeyCodec implements the standard PublicKeyCodec for the SDK which supports a standard set of public key types

func (DefaultPublicKeyCodec) Decode Uses

func (cdc DefaultPublicKeyCodec) Decode(key *types.PublicKey) (crypto.PubKey, error)

Decode implements the PublicKeyCodec.Decode method

func (DefaultPublicKeyCodec) Encode Uses

func (cdc DefaultPublicKeyCodec) Encode(key crypto.PubKey) (*types.PublicKey, error)

Encode implements the PublicKeyCodec.Encode method

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