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package prefix

import ""


Package Files


type Store Uses

type Store struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Store is similar with tendermint/tendermint/libs/db/prefix_db both gives access only to the limited subset of the store for convinience or safety

func NewStore Uses

func NewStore(parent types.KVStore, prefix []byte) Store

func (Store) CacheWrap Uses

func (s Store) CacheWrap() types.CacheWrap

Implements CacheWrap

func (Store) CacheWrapWithTrace Uses

func (s Store) CacheWrapWithTrace(w io.Writer, tc types.TraceContext) types.CacheWrap

CacheWrapWithTrace implements the KVStore interface.

func (Store) Delete Uses

func (s Store) Delete(key []byte)

Implements KVStore

func (Store) Get Uses

func (s Store) Get(key []byte) []byte

Implements KVStore

func (Store) GetStoreType Uses

func (s Store) GetStoreType() types.StoreType

Implements Store

func (Store) Has Uses

func (s Store) Has(key []byte) bool

Implements KVStore

func (Store) Iterator Uses

func (s Store) Iterator(start, end []byte) types.Iterator

Implements KVStore Check

func (Store) ReverseIterator Uses

func (s Store) ReverseIterator(start, end []byte) types.Iterator

ReverseIterator implements KVStore Check

func (Store) Set Uses

func (s Store) Set(key, value []byte)

Implements KVStore

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