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package simulation

import ""


Package Files

decoder.go genesis.go params.go


const (
    MaxMemoChars           = "max_memo_characters"
    TxSigLimit             = "tx_sig_limit"
    TxSizeCostPerByte      = "tx_size_cost_per_byte"
    SigVerifyCostED25519   = "sig_verify_cost_ed25519"
    SigVerifyCostSECP256K1 = "sig_verify_cost_secp256k1"

Simulation parameter constants

func GenMaxMemoChars Uses

func GenMaxMemoChars(r *rand.Rand) uint64

GenMaxMemoChars randomized MaxMemoChars

func GenSigVerifyCostED25519 Uses

func GenSigVerifyCostED25519(r *rand.Rand) uint64

GenSigVerifyCostED25519 randomized SigVerifyCostED25519

func GenSigVerifyCostSECP256K1 Uses

func GenSigVerifyCostSECP256K1(r *rand.Rand) uint64

GenSigVerifyCostSECP256K1 randomized SigVerifyCostSECP256K1

func GenTxSigLimit Uses

func GenTxSigLimit(r *rand.Rand) uint64

GenTxSigLimit randomized TxSigLimit make sure that sigLimit is always high so that arbitrarily simulated messages from other modules can still create valid transactions

func GenTxSizeCostPerByte Uses

func GenTxSizeCostPerByte(r *rand.Rand) uint64

GenTxSizeCostPerByte randomized TxSizeCostPerByte

func NewDecodeStore Uses

func NewDecodeStore(ak AuthUnmarshaler) func(kvA, kvB kv.Pair) string

NewDecodeStore returns a decoder function closure that unmarshals the KVPair's Value to the corresponding auth type.

func ParamChanges Uses

func ParamChanges(r *rand.Rand) []simtypes.ParamChange

ParamChanges defines the parameters that can be modified by param change proposals on the simulation

func RandomGenesisAccounts Uses

func RandomGenesisAccounts(simState *module.SimulationState) types.GenesisAccounts

RandomGenesisAccounts defines the default RandomGenesisAccountsFn used on the SDK. It creates a slice of BaseAccount, ContinuousVestingAccount and DelayedVestingAccount.

func RandomizedGenState Uses

func RandomizedGenState(simState *module.SimulationState, randGenAccountsFn types.RandomGenesisAccountsFn)

RandomizedGenState generates a random GenesisState for auth

type AuthUnmarshaler Uses

type AuthUnmarshaler interface {
    UnmarshalAccount([]byte) (types.AccountI, error)
    GetCodec() codec.BinaryMarshaler

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