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package cli

import ""


Package Files

query.go tx.go utils.go


const (
    MaxMessagesPerTxDefault = 5


var (
    FlagCommission       = "commission"
    FlagMaxMessagesPerTx = "max-msgs"

Transaction flags for the x/distribution module

func GetCmdQueryCommunityPool Uses

func GetCmdQueryCommunityPool() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryCommunityPool returns the command for fetching community pool info.

func GetCmdQueryDelegatorRewards Uses

func GetCmdQueryDelegatorRewards() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryDelegatorRewards implements the query delegator rewards command.

func GetCmdQueryParams Uses

func GetCmdQueryParams() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryParams implements the query params command.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorCommission Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorCommission() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorCommission implements the query validator commission command.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorOutstandingRewards Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorOutstandingRewards() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorOutstandingRewards implements the query validator outstanding rewards command.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorSlashes Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorSlashes() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorSlashes implements the query validator slashes command.

func GetCmdSubmitProposal Uses

func GetCmdSubmitProposal() *cobra.Command

GetCmdSubmitProposal implements the command to submit a community-pool-spend proposal

func GetQueryCmd Uses

func GetQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns the cli query commands for this module

func NewFundCommunityPoolCmd Uses

func NewFundCommunityPoolCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewSetWithdrawAddrCmd Uses

func NewSetWithdrawAddrCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewTxCmd Uses

func NewTxCmd() *cobra.Command

NewTxCmd returns a root CLI command handler for all x/distribution transaction commands.

func NewWithdrawAllRewardsCmd Uses

func NewWithdrawAllRewardsCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewWithdrawRewardsCmd Uses

func NewWithdrawRewardsCmd() *cobra.Command

type CommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON Uses

type CommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON struct {
    Title       string         `json:"title" yaml:"title"`
    Description string         `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
    Recipient   sdk.AccAddress `json:"recipient" yaml:"recipient"`
    Amount      string         `json:"amount" yaml:"amount"`
    Deposit     string         `json:"deposit" yaml:"deposit"`

CommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON defines a CommunityPoolSpendProposal with a deposit

func ParseCommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON Uses

func ParseCommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON(cdc *codec.LegacyAmino, proposalFile string) (CommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON, error)

ParseCommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON reads and parses a CommunityPoolSpendProposalJSON from a file. TODO: migrate this to protobuf

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